Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's Special Because It's Far?

     One of the things I don't get from Korean people is their fondness of going really far for just a meal.  It wouldn't matter to me if it was really special.  Or really delicious.  And by the way, what is Korean's definition of "delicious?"  They keep saying that when they offer some food but most of them taste the same to me.  I would have agreed if it was spicier, or saltier, or have a different ingredient than the rest.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I am not a celebrity. I don' have thick skin.

     For days, my work from one of my blogs was appreciated and praised by a few people.  I posted some of the pictures as an entry to some photography forums.  It was well accepted and I was thinking of doing the same process to make another entry for a different theme.

     Tonight, the latest comment on one of the forums talked about some convoluted ways using a mirror to do what I did.  I feel insulted.  It's like saying my photos were fake.  I would have done that mirror (theory) thing if I had known about it.  In fact, using a mirror never crossed my mind until it was mentioned.

    Now, my creative flow is blocked.  I'm too upset to think.  It may be just one comment (who knows if there will be more) and I might just be over-reacting.  But that was my work.  Something I made honestly and worked quite hard for it.  So for someone to bash on one of the highlights of my photography life, it hurts.

     I'm trying to get rid of this feeling right now, and I'm hopeful that writing about it helps.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Galaxy S3 Extra Batteries

     Usually when I get the weekend off, I maximize my time outside. I often start my long trip at Friday night and come as late as Monday morning; back to my boring and robotic life.

     I suffered too much hassle from losing battery life very quickly with my former smart phone, HTC Desire HD.  I tinkered with it a lot and done a lot of things that could make the battery last a bit longer.  But most of the times, upon plugging it out from the charger, it lasts for only 3 hours.  I thought of buying 2 extra batteries but then I lost the phone before I finalized my payment.

     Enter Galaxy S3 with its very nice battery life.  The time I tested, it lasts for about 6 hours outdoors.  That includes quite a hefty usage with it constantly having WIFI/Data enabled.  It is a huge improvement from my lost HTC.  But I'm still not satisfied with its length of service.  As I mentioned, I mostly use it 48 hours or more, unplugged.  So I decided to buy extra batteries instead of tweaking it again and again.  I think it's just a smarter move.  Besides, carrying the charger just defeats the purpose of its mobility.

     In every smartphone shop I asked, none of them sells batteries only.  I asked 10 random smartphone shops, to no avail.  Then I checked out some phone accessories stores and still got nothing.  2 smartphone store owners demanded to check my phone and records and my spare battery.  I think they suspected I stole my unit, that's why I was asking for another battery.  Some of them can't believe I needed extra batteries.  To me, I'm a potential customer.  My purpose shouldn't be their concern.  Meh.

     My last option was to go to Yongsan.  It is the electronic store of Korea.  They must be selling extra batteries, right?  3 buildings, 3 floors each, about 5 or 6 shops from each floor.  None of them sells batteries.  I do wonder why they just dismissed me without some excuses.  They just say, "we got none of those."  So at the last store, I asked where could I avail such items.
"Samsung service center." he said.
None of them sell even a third-party battery for this.  I guess, it's a new item so Samsung didn't make spare batteries for sale.  I can't be bothered to personally go to Samsung.  But this is really frustrating.

     Until then, there's GS25 store.  At least they're scattered around.  I don't know if 7-Eleven or Family Mart or the rest of them chain stores, do the same.  But GS25 could charge phone batteries at a small fee (as of today, it's 1,000 won or $1).  They've been doing this even before the age of smartphones.  I think I'll settle for that until I can get spare batteries.  It's not as convenient, but good enough for now.

Concerned Mother

     There's a restaurant I often go to whenever I get the craving for sweet-and-sour-chicken (닭도리땅). I don't know if the chef/owner noticed me as a regular customer. But after serving me my chicken and kept the kitchen clean (she was alone for the first time that night), she got herself a cup of coffee, sat on a table across mine, and started making a conversation.