Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's Special Because It's Far?

     One of the things I don't get from Korean people is their fondness of going really far for just a meal.  It wouldn't matter to me if it was really special.  Or really delicious.  And by the way, what is Korean's definition of "delicious?"  They keep saying that when they offer some food but most of them taste the same to me.  I would have agreed if it was spicier, or saltier, or have a different ingredient than the rest.

     But, no.  It's delicious because we had to travel 10 miles to get there.  Of course it's delicious!  Everything would taste so after starving yourself for two to three hours past meal time.  But the food is just the same as one from 10 meters away.  It's still the hot and spicy food, so much so, that it numbs your tongue; you can't taste anything.  Was there an extra garnishing?  No.  Was the service really good?  Not a difference from the closest one.  Was the ambiance better?  Okay, but that doesn't apply to everywhere we went.

     When my superiors invite me to dinner somewhere, I always come along on my bike.  I could go back home any time I want, and since they spend so much time drinking and flirting with the owner, it's just practical.  My boss once asked me to ride my bike and just go along with them.  I had to keep on their tails as we went through a hell of a trip.  2 hours on a winding road (with additional slopes and heavy traffic) just to get to so-called restaurant that serves beef.  The service was awful.  Plastic chairs and tables.  And we ate under a tent!  What upset me most is the time we spent travelling.  And it got worse.  They all decided not to drive back and going to take a cab instead.  With that option, they got drunk.  That night, I had to track-back my trail home.
"But why did we have to come this far?"  I asked.
"Because the beef here is special.  It's organic."  One said.
"It doesn't taste any better than what we could have eaten close by."  I argued.
"Well, it's cheaper here."  He replied.
"And the gas we spent on the road?"  I questioned.
"Tsh!" as he laughed.

     The second time I was invited and was told we're going to the same place, I refused.  I said, "With that much to do with so much time spent, I'd rather cook!"

     Today is one of my superiors's birthday.  I was told about this last night.  But I didn't expect they planned on going somewhere to celebrate.  Somewhere far from our place again.  It's November and I saw ice forming nearby, this morning.  And when they asked if I know this and that place, and explaining the directions going there, I figured they expected me to come along on my bike again.  I don't think so.  Call it "sour grapes" but I can tell what they'll have for dinner.  It's the same bunch of meat they're going to heat on a plate.  It's the same spicy soup.  And the same lettuce leaves.  The same food we could have had 10 meters away.

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