Monday, May 5, 2014

Once You Cheat, There's No Turning Back

It was considered cheating.  I was caught flirting with other people through text messaging, while in front of my loved one.  So be it.  I was given another chance...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

How Christianity Separated My Family

     Many people claimed to have benefited when Christianity was introduced to their town/country/family.  That was about a long time ago.  Not many of them talk about what disadvantages they got out of it.  Not in my own experience, but my ancestry, have one example of a disadvantage... when they were given christian names.

The Last Of Your Last Name

     Recently, I attended our first clan reunion.  It's supposed to be a gathering of all my relatives from my father's side.  Some showed up, some didn't.  But one of the main purpose of this gathering is to know the huge family tree.  Our ancestry, our lineage, our legacy, whatever you call it. When I got back home, there was one thing that shocked me.  My dad and his brothers are the last ones to carry the name "Man-a".