Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I am not a celebrity. I don' have thick skin.

     For days, my work from one of my blogs was appreciated and praised by a few people.  I posted some of the pictures as an entry to some photography forums.  It was well accepted and I was thinking of doing the same process to make another entry for a different theme.

     Tonight, the latest comment on one of the forums talked about some convoluted ways using a mirror to do what I did.  I feel insulted.  It's like saying my photos were fake.  I would have done that mirror (theory) thing if I had known about it.  In fact, using a mirror never crossed my mind until it was mentioned.

    Now, my creative flow is blocked.  I'm too upset to think.  It may be just one comment (who knows if there will be more) and I might just be over-reacting.  But that was my work.  Something I made honestly and worked quite hard for it.  So for someone to bash on one of the highlights of my photography life, it hurts.

     I'm trying to get rid of this feeling right now, and I'm hopeful that writing about it helps.

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