Monday, December 30, 2013

Who Could Come Up With Such Stories?

So let me get this straight...

     A man sleeps on the top bunker and had some "nocturnal emissions".  His semen fell on the woman sleeping on the bottom bunker.  How it got there, I don't know.  How it got the woman pregnant, I can't tell more.  But she did!

     So the woman got knocked-off by this "fallen semen" and gave birth to a child.  The child came out a hermaphrodite (both male and female).  He/she/it was growing up with so much potential, that the neighborhood got scared of him/her/it.  So they decided to raise funds for his/her/its operation.  They made a vote and decided he/she/it be a female.  Gone is his/her/its penis.  Chopped off... ouch!

     But the chopped off genitals was preserved and semen cultured, that it was used to impregnate another woman.  Said woman gave birth to a man so handsome, everyone fell in love with him... including that person he came from... the ex-hermaphrodite (now a woman because the neighborhood said so).

     But this handsome man (whom his biological father fell in love with) had a pre-arranged marriage with some rich girl.  At the wedding, his biological-father-turned-woman-and-is-now-in-love-with-her-son showed up to protest.  The broken-hearted handsome man had a nervous breakdown (or simply went crazy) and (for some reason) chopped his penis off... ouch!  The father of the bride did the same thing.

     I guess the hermaphrodite just got tired of the bullshit she had been through and went all Carry at the wedding.  But instead of killing everyone in sight, she just turned the two guys insane.

     Interesting.  I like it.  I wonder if anyone will turn this into a movie.  Lots of drama and twists.  But who comes up with these stories?  The Greeks, that's who!  Check out "Agdistis".

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