Friday, January 3, 2014

Filipinos, you're proud of that?

Korea = leading in Robots
Philippines = leading in Social Media Use

     So, a much developed country is focusing on something that keeps them developing, while a third-world country is more focused on social media... not worth anything.  I bet some people would even dare be proud of this.

     Talk about the rich getting richer and the poor poorer, a typical lamentation of  almost every poor person at one time or another, whom are you going to blame?

Click here for the source and here for the large image.

     Reminds me of a small talk I had with an acquaintance back in Korea.  We were talking about YouTube getting popular (back when Google hasn't bought YouTube yet).  I was having issues with the "then and now":

Me:  Kaya ayaw kong ina-advertise ang YouTube sa kapwa pinoy eh.  Malinis ang YouTube.  Ngayon bigla bigla nalang may pinoy jan na nag u-upload ng bold.
  "That's why I don't like endorsing YouTube to fellow Filipinos.  YouTube was family friendly.  Then all of a sudden I see a Pinoy uploading pornographic materials."

Her:  Basta Pinoy, magagaling talaga.
  "All Filipinos are smart. (or something to that effect)"

Me:  Sa kalokohan?  Ipag mamalaki mo iyan?
  "At doing bad things?  That's something you're proud of?"

     To be fair, I did consider what she said.  The talk of the Filipino community that time was the "I Love You" virus.  So perhaps she's talking about how good a Filipino is, that they'd still be able to find a work-around on difficult tasks like creating a formidable virus... so they say.  Yet, my sentiments are the same:  You're proud of that?

     Cutting it short, my thoughts about this article and nicely done image is:
     We could have been known more for People's Power or leaders of Political Revolution.  We could have been most popular as Calamity Survivors.  We could have easily been world-wide leaders of Hospitality (a supposed known Filipino trait).  We could have been best known for our continuing efforts against "pork barrel".  Or at least, stand out the most as the most prefered worker bee.
     But, no.  We're word-wide leaders as the country who logs in to Facebook the most.

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