Saturday, October 10, 2015

Les Miserables Has Been Part of My Life

I was on a break from work and ended up looking at some Lea Salonga videos on YouTube.

Les Miserables has always been one of my favorites. From my dad's fully memorized bedtime story (about early to late 80s),

to reading Victor Hugo's book (English translation published 1887),

to the movie with Liam Neeson and Uma Thurman (both my favorites as well, 1998),

to the 10th anniversary concert where Lea plays as Eponine,

to the latest musical movie.

I have so much love for Lea Salonga. But Fantine's "I Dream A Dream" was never meant for her, in my opinion. Up to this day, I thought Ruthie Henshall was the one true singer who took me back to when I was still listening to my father talk about Fantine. But then comments in this video mentioned some original actresses who played Fantine:

They mentioned Randy Graff (1987) and Patti LuPone (1985?)

Watching Randy Graff and Ruthie Henshall sing "I Dream A Dream" takes me to the story itself. So I am now confused as to whether I like Ruthie's or Randy's Fantine more.

Then again, why should I choose? These mentioned singers/actresses played Fantine very well (yes, including Anne Hathaway).

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