Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm Sorry?

An apology is now bullshit.
When I was young I learned saying "sorry" is the first step to make amends. So that word is powerful and strong. And it should be expressed with sincerity and with the right reasons.

The right reasons...

Now what would the right reasons be? I have a new friend who keeps apologizing for the slightest faults even when not needed.

But who needs the apology?

Sometimes I feel that an apology is abused or misused. I notice people apologise to get rid of their guilt. It's all about their guilt and not making amends.

"Well, I apologized and did what I could."
The sign of giving up. The sign of what's actually happening: insincerity. It's not about the offender making amends. It's about the offender feeling better about himself/herself. That he/she could wash hands and not care.

My exact sentiments about this was said by Dr. Bailey in Grey's Anatomy.
"You don't get to apologize and feel good about yourselves."

I say yes. Don't apologize to me if it's not for me anyway.

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