Friday, October 26, 2012

The Eyes Do Lie

"The eyes are the windows of your soul."
"Look at me straight in the eyes and tell me... "
" If he looks at you this way, he's lying."
... And all a bunch of stuff
... What a load of crap!

     To anyone who read "The Country of the Blind" by H.G. Wells, you won't be too puzzled with my behaviour.

     I was raised not to look straight in the eyes when communicating especially to elders. It is an insulting address of deliberate disrespect, doing so. We often watch the lips to have a bit more confirmation to what we're listening to. A harmonious duet of our eyes and ears.

     I most often look down on to the floor or at a blank space. Or just phase out my vision elsewhere, mostly directing my ears more to where or whom I'm listening to. It's my way of giving full attention to the speaker. I've been accused of lying and/or not paying attention because of this. I think it's unfair.  I have the ability to see what you say.  That makes me an excellent listener.  But that demands me to find a blank canvass and paint images as you dictate them.  And your face, especially your eyes, is not a blank canvass.

     Do not ask me to look at you straight in the eyes because it's very uncomfortable to me... Unless I'm angrily challenging your position. Everyone who knew always shy away once I look.  My eyes aren't threatening.  But once you force me to look at you, I do it with full intentions.

     I can easily give a speech looking straight without unconsciously looking left and right. It's what we were taught at school. Basic and polite. So don't tell me I'm thinking creatively whenever I glance to the left.

     I don't believe there's such textbook interpretations on human actions.  Get to know me.  Talk to me.  Let me open up to you.  By then you'll be familiar of what I mean by what I do... if you're smart.

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